Nina SPA

The day begins and ends with the perfect touch

The center of relaxation, care and beauty. Give yourself time to relax. Filled with the satin fondling massage oils, vapors and warmth of traditional sauna, Hammam and Turkish bath. Sauna Thalatepe with 27 therapeutic processes, vita spa Jacuzzi and Himalayan salt vapor which are the contemporary dimension of luxury, treatment and resting/relaxing, that will enliven your mind and soul.

Nina Spa offers other services:

IPL hair removal, face & body waxing

IPL hair removal, face & body waxing

Revitalizing facial treatments

Revitalizing facial treatments

Anti cellulite treatment, breast lifting treatments, fat burning treatment

Anti cellulite treatment, breast lifting treatments, fat burning treatment


The world of wellness in a word

This equipment turns all the beauty centres into relaxing and comfortable places, where customers can choose how much time they want to dedicate to taking care of their body and be treated like queens and kings, even if just for a day. Thalaxoterm Spa is a great innovation: it has the effectiveness of the steam bath, is user-friendly and avoids the unpleasant effects of the Turkish bath.

Thalaxoterm Spa is slim and can be easily fitted in any facility. In spite of the small size, it has a very comfortable internal seat and provides a cosy steam bath, also thanks to the presence of showers that spray water to reinvigorate the body. Its generous steam supply ensures power and great results. It is characterized by an all-wood design, which make it different from the Prestige model.


All the benefits of the salt inside a cave

Made with walls and floors completely covered with pure Himalayan pink salt, Salt Cave Tepee reproduces the microclimate of a natural salt cave, creating within it a completely hypoallergenic room where you can benefit from the countless healing properties of salt. Wrapped in the magical atmosphere of Salt Cave Tepee – made further attractive by the chromotherapic lights and by the presence of a backlit skyline made of Himalayan salt – the customer will therefore be accompanied to the rediscovery of the beneficial properties of this ancient natural method. Due to their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, the microparticles of Crystal Salina, a solution prepared in Pharmacopoeia, sprayed into the cave, can strengthen the immune system and eliminate muscle tension and stress, giving benefits immediately detectable after a treatment of only 30-40 minutes. To enjoy the countless benefits of Salt Cave Tepee large spaces or complicated masonry are not required: it takes only a few electrical connections.

ThalaTepee Suite

Relaxation of soul in one place

As a matter of fact, Thalatepee Suite Prestige® offers more than 26 programmes: from Turkish bath to sauna, thermal water course, up to the currently most fashionable massage techniques. Thalatepee Suite Prestige® comes from the heart of Esagono del Benessere, designed by those people who are always looking for innovative ideas to provide operators with tools that are able to meet the requirements of customers that are more and more demanding when it comes to wellbeing.

The operator can perform all the massage techniques inside Thalatepee Suite Prestige®, having the optimal temperature and humidity. For example, the treatments based on the ayurvedic philosophy and the shirodhara technique with warm oil – where the common feature is total relax and respect of the natural rhythms – will be performed in a perfect environment. Nothing like Thalatepee Suite Prestige® is able to put the treatment recipient in a condition of total relaxation.


SPA Services

IPL Hair Removal

Hair removal with Intense Pulsed Light for bikini, face, arms full, lip, legs full, underarms.

Face & Body Waxing

Full body epilation, full bikini, bikini line, full face, full back, upper lip epilation, chin.

Facial Treatments

Basic cleaning, anti-acne treatment, biomixyl treatments with collagen, pigmentation and whitening treatment etc.


Different types of massage like: Relaxing, Shiatsu, aromatherapy, volcanic hot stone, chocolate therapy, anti-cellulite, deep tissue, thai, combination with Burro di Carite’, cinnamon & orange, spine and cervical massage, post-pregancy massage, pregancy massage, ayuverdic head massage, swedish massage, massage indian.


Crystal shape anti cellulite treatment, crystal slim firming body treatment, fat burning and breast lifting treatment. Thalaxoterm has the effectiveness of the steam bath, is user-friendly and avoids the unpleasant effects of the Turkish bath.

Body Detox Therapy

Turkish bubble/steam bath and body scrub with roses aromatherapy or scrub with MORJANA’s eucaluptus black soap. Oriental grace ritual, hammam ritual, sahara silk ritual, royal ritual, berber’s ritual with henne.